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"Overhead Projector" (12" L.P.)

31 tracks from '81 and '82, featuring the complete 'Sterling Death' e.p., all demos and an 18 song rehearsal. Comes with liner notes insert and poster. Available in limited edition YELLOW (SOLD OUT!) and BLACK vinyl.

SIDE ONE: Sterling Death e.p., complete demos (1981-82).
SIDE TWO: 1982 rehearsal.

ep front cover-kelowna live live ep back cover                                  

"Live in Kelowna" (7"e.p.)

Live cassette recordings from Kelowna City Park and Kadac Hall in Kelowna, B.C. in 1981 and 1982. Limited edition of 600. Available in red, green and black vinyl.

"The most memorable Kelowna gig was an outdoor show in August of '81 at the local city park bandstand. I was 14 at the time and I had booked the show over the phone with a city rep. I told them it was a rock band. We then proceeded to put up poster's all over town announcing the big punk rock show in city park. Two day's before the show I get a call from city hall asking me to come down for a meeting. I had already received the contract in the mail and knew that they could not cancel the show without 72 hrs notice or something like that so I went to meet them. They must have been a little surprised to see this little kid with a shaved head who's voice hadn't changed yet confidently telling them that they couldn't cancel the show because of the contract. They were concerned because they didn't know it was going to be a PUNK rock show.The night of the show the park was jammed with over 500 people out to see the big punk show, including the mayor."

Song Listing:

Motel Hell
Rich Kids
God Knows You By Name

Rough Hike
Kill Europeans (I Hate Germans)
Crime Watch/Block Parents


ep front cover ep back covere.p. label1




7" e.p. (skeleton cover)

Recorded in November of 1980 in Friendly Giant's basement and released in January 1981. It was recorded for $60 in one evening, live to a reel to reel 4-track, with the vocals overdubbed. We pressed 200 copies (at Praise Records in Vancouver-a Christian pressing company!) with blank, white labels and hand drew on them with coloured felt markers, saving a $50 printing charge. Every label was unique; some had the songs titles, some had things like "Virgin Records" and anarchy symbols on them, one even had a very good likeness of Barney Rubble drawn by Casey.
Note: 50 copies were lost on a city bus when a friend (Chael who later went on to play in 'Unnatural Silence'), took them to Vancouver to sell for us.

There were two cover designs, for each we made 100. The 'Skeleton' sleeve was made from images cut out from the book "The Movie Treasury : Horror Movies", where we also stole the font. We photocopied the covers and put them in Ziplock bags, also including a photocopied insert. Over the last 25 years this record has become very collectable.


sci-fi front coversci-fi back covere.p. label 3




7" e.p. ("Sterling Death" design)

This was the second design, for the same record. I guess we got bored with the Skeleton cover and wanted something different. This is also when we came up with the idea to call the e.p. something, and we thought "Sterling Death" sounded funny. The sleeve was made from images taken from the book "A Pictorial History of Science Fiction", it also had the same insert as the 'Skeleton' cover, but they weren't all in Ziplocks, some were in clear plastic record sleeves. Below is the insert for both versions of the e.p.



Here's another example of the e.p. labels. These were sent by Eric Sturm-thanks Eric!



And some more... These were sent by Ben Pepin-thanks Ben!






• Charred Remains (1981). 30 song cassette. GOH went by the name "Dogs of War" at this time, but soon after the band went back to GOH. Songs included were "Crime Watch/Block Parents". Click here to see the page we did for the mag that came with the cassette.

• Canadian Cassette (1981?). Songs include "Urban Killboy", "Someone's Gonna Die" and 2 others.

• Killed by Death #10 (1996 Bootleg). Song included was "God knows you by Name".

• Smash The State Vol. 3 (1998). This album features the complete e.p.

Punk History Canada presents "Only in Canada, Eh" (77-81) Vol. 1 (2005). Song included is "Overhead Projector".

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